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What is eCCLIX©?

The Barren County Clerk’s Office is pleased to present eCCLIX, the Internet version of CCLIX. Today, the system is known as CCLIX (“clicks”), County Clerk Indexing, is being utilized in almost two-thirds of Kentucky’s County Clerk offices. Attorneys, title search personnel, surveyors, and realtors have grown to depend upon the CCLIX system to provide the fastest possible access to public records archived in the Kentucky County Clerk’s office.

With eCCLIX, an Internet-ready PC and printer, registered users can now view or print any online document right in their own home or office. For last-minute title follow-ups, why not have an eCCLIX terminal right at your closing table?

Don’t Have Online Access?

If you do not have an eCLIXX account you may come in to view records. If you have an eCLIXX account or would like to learn more information about eCLIXX please see the information listed below.

Why eCCLIX©?

eCCLIX© will provide you with the information you need for those last-minute title follow-ups, estate settlements, and appraisals, oftentimes eliminating that time-consuming trip to the courthouse. eCCLIX© is available almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to use at your convenience.

How About a Tour?

It’s quick and easy! Visit the eCCLIX© website at www.ecclix.comto view a sample database and to learn more about this exciting service.

How Do I Sign-up?

Visit the sign-up page in order to become an eCCLIX© subscriber. You may submit the sign-up form by mail along with a check or money order.

Want Faster Access?

Print and fax the sign-up form to 1-502-266-9447 or email the form to [email protected]. We will email you an electronic invoice on the same business day. This will allow you to submit your payment immediately by credit card. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Upon receipt of your sign-up form and completion of payment, an e-mail will be sent to you with information about using your account.

For more information, contact Software Management’s Sales Department by phone at (502) 266-9445 or email [email protected]

Public Accounts

Public Accounts are designed to allow public access to records when our office is closed due to public safety reasons. These accounts may be suspended at any time, including, but not limited to when we reopen to the public. In addition, Public Accounts have the following restrictions:

  • Accounts are only available between 09:00 AM and 07:00 PM
  • Accounts are not available on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The account is limited to 5 searches each day.
  • Weekly you will be reminded of these restrictions.
  • Accounts from outside of a reasonable travel distance from the County Clerk office may be suspended.

Paid accounts are not subject to these restrictions as well they allow for access to multiple counties.

Subscription Costs

Monthly Fee
One-time setup fee $200
Per month $65
Per additional user $10
Single Day Fee
One-time setup fee $45
Per 24 hr. access $15
Per additional user $10
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