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Instructions for Repossessions

All correspondence should be mailed to the Barren County Clerk’s Office.  The address is provided at the bottom of this page.

The repossession transfer must take place in the county where the lien is filed.

The following forms (located under Motor Vehicle forms) are needed to complete the transfer:

1. Affidavit of Repossession TC96-192

2. Copy of contract or security agreement

3. A lien release TC96-187 forms may be obtained at the Barren County Clerk’s Office. For Kentucky dealerships, the plate may remain with the vehicle if requested.

4. Application for title TC96-182

5. License plate must be turned in. If you are unable to return the plate and it is not expired, the plate must be replaced. Please submit a completed TC96-167 form along with additional fee listed below.

6. All specialty plates must be converted to a regular plate before transfer.

The fees are as follows:

– Plate Replacement Fee $6.00

– Conversion Fee $3.00

– Title Only Fee $9.00

– Speed Title Only Fee $25.00

– For Kentucky dealerships the plate may remain with the vehicle if requested.

– Title Fee $17.00

– Speed Title Fee $33.00