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Recording & Indexing

The following Documents are accepted
  • Mortgages
  • Deeds
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Corporations
  • Wills and name changes
  • Assignments and Releases
  • Liens
  • Fixture filing / UCC Filings
  • Corporation Document Type Fees
  • Plat

Kentucky Revised Statue Section 64.012 as amended by House Bill 537, mandates the following fee changes:

Articles of Corporation: $46.00

Articles of Amend: $46.00

Certificate of Authority: $46.00

Discontinuing a Business Name: $46.00

Partnerships: $46.00

Registration of DBA (Sole Property): $46.00

Registration of DBA (Sec. of St.): $46.00

Reason for Rejection of Documents:
  • Document is not notarized.
  • Lacks Notary expiration date.
  • Notary did not date notarization
  • Incorrect filing fee amount.
  • Plat has not been recorded. Please check with surveyor.
  • Another County.
  • Release has incorrect book and page number.
  • Title Source incomplete.
  • Deed lacks In-Care-Of tax address for the property.
  • Needs a legal description of property.
  • Check not signed.
  • Document submitted is not original. Must have original to record.
  • Need the mailing address of Grantor/Grantee.
  • Power of Attorney requires two disinterested witnesses as per         KRS 457.050 effective 07.15.2018
  • As pertains to specific document(s)
Recording Fees

* Add $3.00 for every page over the first five (5) pgs
# Add $3.00 for every page over the first thirty (30) pgs

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