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Restoration of Civil Rights

How do I know if my rights have been restored?

If you are unsure whether your rights have been restored, please contact your parole officer or the Division of Probations & Parole in Frankfort at (502) 564-4221.

How do I get pardoned by the Governor’s Office?

You must first submit an Application for Restoration of Civil Rights. You can find that application online at http://corrections.ky.gov  or you can contact the County Clerk’s Office to request an application.

What must I do in order to vote?

If your rights have been restored, you must provide a copy of the Restoration of Civil Rights pardon by the Governor’s office, (it has the gold seal), along with a new voter registration card to register to vote.

What if I’ve mailed my application, but haven’t received anything back?

If you mailed your application, you must contact the Division of Probation & Parole at (502) 564-4221 for the status of your request.

What if my record has been expunged?

If your record has been expunged, our office must have a copy of the court signed Expungement, along with a new voter registration card to register to vote.

**Please note that the Barren County Clerk’s Office is not affiliated with the Division of Probation & Parole. The Barren County Clerk’s Office does not have the authority to restore Civil Rights. **

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